Study Abroad

From time to time we embark on scheduled visitation to schools within Nigeria. We discovered that the aim of students traveling abroad vary from person to person, especially when their financial background is put into consideration.
Most people even think the solution to their long time stagnation in life is because of no one to take them abroad. There is more to it than the thought itself. Because of our experience abroad we can now tell that money doesn’t drop so easily on the laps of men simply because they are abroad; everyone has to work out their desired opportunities. The aim of this seminar is to enlighten students for unlimited possibilities while studying abroad. In this program we stress to students the dos and don’ts when studying abroad. We have seen over time that many students after graduation abroad do not want to return back to their home country due to economic reasons; therefore on this seminar such students are adequately informed of what it takes to remain abroad without violating any of the immigration laws of that country.
We discovered also that many students emphasize even more on working while studying than the study itself.
This practice is too bad, and can affect the overall concentration of the student on their course of study; thereby causing out write failure and set back abroad. Proper orientation is given to attendees in order to help them develop a mind set for absorbing shocks when the unexpected happens abroad.
Students from secondary and tertiary institutions have benefited from this program over time and again. Through this medium many students are now enlightened of what it takes to study abroad in terms of finances and otherwise. We have also been able to counsel students towards making the right choice of institution and country that matches their individual financial budget. Students can now tell that study abroad does not only depend on your financial capacity, but having the right information at the right time. You too can benefit from this program by simply sending us your enquiry on our Student enquiry page
We will save your contact on our database and will always send you updates whenever we have upcoming events like this. For photos during some of our previous seminars, kindly refer to our Media Page.