Every company has something in form of history to present to its customers or anyone who wants to have business dealing with them. Multinational Educational Consulting came into existence after careful examination of the needs it offers to prospective students in the area of Training and Recruitment into various Oversea and Nigerian – based institutions. Our business started as freelance many years back, but in January 2009 we saw the need for expanding and causing more awareness to all our prospective students/clients out there, having seen the importance of our services to the masses. The name MULTINATIONAL came in because we intend to move our operation across many nations. We have our business fully registered as a legal entity operated by law under the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Multinational Educational Consulting assist students from across the globe to secure admission into several Overseas and Nigerian – Based Institutions and also render excellent visa support to all admitted students where necessary. Our Oversea partner institutions are located in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, China, Malta, Turkey, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Germany, Dubai, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland e.t.c.

All courses are considered and tuition fees vary to suit individual family financial budgets. We have been doing this successfully for the past years and have become an independent player in the industry. If you are a student looking at studying in Nigeria or Abroad, you have definitely come to the right place! MEC is your DIRECT pathway to quality education locally and internationally.