Foreign Exam Registration & Coaching

Foreign Exam Registration

Multinational Educational Consulting (MEC) is an Educational Consulting & Training centre. We are situated in several locations both within and outside Nigeria.
At MEC, you can register and be prepared for exams such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and CAMBRIDGE with ease. You can also be sure of receiving outstanding professional support that will make the test experience trouble-free. Your success in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and CAMBRIDGE test/examination in Nigeria begins right here. We will guide you through the process from beginning to end. You are never alone!
Our registration: Very easy and direct.
Our Lecture Strategies…..
Our lectures are delivered in such a way that our students are made to be very familiar with the way the examinations are written with the expected results without any hitch. We have highly experienced lecturers training students for any of the courses. Each lecturer handles their area of specialization in the program concerned.
Our Educational Programs
We pave way for weekdays and weekends classes so as to give every student the opportunity to participate in our education programs. So, any person that is working can choose weekends for their training or lectures.
What Is Unique About Our Lecturers?
Paying individual attention to students and making students work as a group to ensure even development among them academically. This is why our students perform excellently well in their examinations. Our lecturers being amiable to students have made their lectures flexible to adapt to the needs of each student through effective and careful examination of students, provision of valuable textbooks, use of modern/audio-visual materials as well as other media needed to be successful in each program as the students require.
Our Training: We have a carefully-developed program/curriculum that will enable our students get the score they need. We also offer home coaching where necessary. Our students can actually attend the 12-week course and take several online tests with us prior to their exam to enhance their performance and boost their confidence thereafter.
Our training centre is equipped with first class computers with high speed internet facilities to deliver online test practice anywhere, anytime in Nigeria. Our professionally trained, certified and dynamic teaching team provides the highest quality of training to the students.
Deal with our training center for any of – GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and CAMBRIDGE Exams. We guarantee your success.
You are welcome if it’s convenient for you.
Click here CONTACT US to get full list of our office locations including relevant phone numbers to call. You can also contact any of our Representatives whose details appear therein.

Foreign Exam Coaching Price List

GRE $245 USD N30,000/N35,000 N60,000
GMAT $275 USD N30,000/N35,000 N60,000
$130 USD

$140 USD

SAT II – 2 Subjects
$160 USD


TOEFL $220 USD N25,000/N30,000 N50,000


N25,000/N30,000 N50,000
PTE N70,000 N25,000/N30,000 N50,000
N90,000 (Per Subject)

Up to 3 Subjects
N30,000 (Per Subject) N60,000 (Per Subject)

All our private coachings are done either within our training centre(s) or the home of the student. For further enquiries please call a MEC Counselor on 08060581501 or 08055730374 for more information.
**Some weekend classes are available at agreed time with our teachers.
How Can I Register?
Registration forms are available in our office; therefore hurry up and register now.
You can also download a paper version Click here or complete an online version of the registration form Click here
All completed forms must be accompanied with a bank payment teller, showing deposit of the appropriate fees (Exam registration and or Coaching or both) and should be scanned and emailed to us. Note that only signed forms will be processed.
Call a MEC Counselor on 08060581501 or 08055730374 to ask for our bank account details and the Counselor’s email.
Can MEC Register & Coach Students Who Are Not Residing In Lagos?
The answer is Yes. The only way we can assist you if you are outside Lagos is via Skype video call. After the exam registration by us, we will automatically create a skype ID for you, which will enable you attend all classes online at agreed time between you and your teachers. You will also need to buy our study materials/textbooks + CDs for easy follow up both during and after each class. When this is in place, you will be glad you ever dealt with us.